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Common sense says travelling with expensive jewellery is a definite no, but there may be good reasons for wanting to travel with your jewellery, such as your honeymoon, an important event or because you have a sentimental attachment to a particular piece. We have some tips below on how to keep your jewellery safe and reduce the risk of it being lost, stolen or damaged while overseas.

Make sure your jewellery fits properly

You will have to slip your rings and bangles on and off to be discrete occasionally. Make sure your rings fit perfectly so you can take them off easily but not so loose that they can be accidently lost. Preferably only take earrings with omega clips or a locking mechanism rather than hooks or studs. If it’s possible, have your bracelets fitted with safety chains. Your stone settings should be checked to make sure they haven’t come loose. Also have your pearl strands looked over for the deterioration of the silk stringing and that the clasps are locking tightly.

Take photos, videos, have recent valuations and get insurance

Take photos and videos and load them onto your phone or mobile device, if something happens then you can give the police or security pictures of the missing items and prove their ownership when they are found. Spend time looking for a decent insurance policy which covers the value of your jewellery so have a recent valuation on hand to check that you are taking out a sufficient policy to cover loss.

Take a chain to hang your ring on it

At times when you feel it’s not ok to have that expensive ring showing eg enroute to the special occasion, put it on a chain around your neck. For quick transits, flip the stone on your finger so only the band is showing.

travelling jewellery pouch

Lucrin luxury leather jewellery rolls AUD $263  (orange smooth leather option)

Luggage Leash AUD$49.95 available at Bagworld

vermilion jewellery rings

Invest in a quality jewellery roll

We have found some gorgeous leather jewellery rolls at Lucrin. These bespoke leather pouches come in 20 different colours, 2 types of leather, with thread colour, logo and engraving options for a complete custom piece. Lots of other customisable leather products as well. Although based in Geneva they promise shipping to Australia within 12 working days for bespoke items.

“Slip a small GPS tracker disc into your jewellery roll”

luggage leash

GPS Tracking for the smart traveller

Luggage Leash have small 3 x 0.6cm discs which are bluetooth trackable through an android or apple app. Initially produced for luggage (and yes you should have those too) slipping one into your jewellery roll will enable you to track it, if it leaves a perimeter distance set by you. Although it may not show up a location due to the metal box, if it is taken from the safe, it will start tracking. Even if the disc is found and removed there will be time stamps and last location which may help in tracing lost or stolen jewellery.

On a final note:

Keep your jewellery in your hand luggage while travelling

Use the hotel room safe or main hotel safe

Be discrete when out in public or sharing transport

Be careful about showing your jewellery on social media


Designed and made in Australia from 18kt gold, sapphires and venetian glass.

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